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    May 06, 2011


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    Barbara Brown-Hill

    We have a collection of new school supplies (which we were collecting for donating next school year ) However, since the need in AL is immediate, we will we would like to get them to you. Do you know of any organization in the northern Virginia or Richmond area who will be traveling to Tuscaloosa. We would be able to get the supplies to them.


    Sean, what is happening to the families that are left without a home or kids without families? Do they have places to stay?

    Sean Wrench

    Summer, no they don't. Right now all the families are staying in a Parks and Rec Center, but it's temporary. They have no solution right now. All these families are going to need places to stay. We are hoping to reach out to people and organizations that want to partner with us and help them.



    Sean, please keep me posted, if you can about what needs for housing they might have. I know VA is a ways from AL, but if there's some way we can help, please let us know. Praying for you and everyone that is able to be down there helping!

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